Apartments for rent in Mogan, Gran Canaria

We offer a wide choice of quality rental apartments and a wide range of services based on your needs. Most of the properties are located in Mogan, the most beautiful place in the South of Gran Canaria. The apartments are all of the highest standard and with our harbourapartments we offer the facility of exclusive use of the heated pool and jacuzzis of marina poolbar. With us you can relax completely!

Annelies speaks 5 languages (Spanish, Dutch, French, German and English) and has several years of experience in the tourismsector. Since 2010 we started the fishingboat Calrei in the harbour of Mogan who has several regular clients, more info

Contact us with any questions and we reply within 24 hours. Already know what property you are interested for? Fill in contactform with name of property or send us an email.


Some good news! The expres airportbus nr 91 drives now to Mogán! So no need to change bus anymore! The bus leaves the airport .36 after the hour and leaves Mogán .15 after the hour. The price is +- € 6.35. More info and timetable.

Residential lettings are a minimum stay of 3 months.

Registered in the patronato de turismo de Gran Canaria under 'la venecia de canarias'.

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